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About: I graduated from a 2 year masters program slammed into 11 months, met and married the love of my life, have an adorable little boy, moved to San Francisco, have my dream job at Stanford University, and own an adorable Australian Labradoodle named Wookiee. I love my family, friends, church, fashion, soccer, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad and Lost. I am extremely blessed!                                                                                                                                               
twisted rope hairdo.

this is one of my favorite work-week hairstyles. you twist your hair rather than braiding (i haven’t quite mastered that, yet). 

original tutorial found here:

mine is a bit different than hers - i like to have bigger twists to add some height since i have a five head (not a forehead - get it?!)

i start at the hairline by my right ear and work my way over…it looks better to have a side ponytail rather than a messy bun. i curl the ends of my hair and voila! done!

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