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revlon lip butters.

I never wear lipstick. Ever. I eat ALL throughout the day, so I never see the point in reapplying. 

That being said, I read/watched so many positive reviews of the Revlon Lip Butters that I HAD to try one out, and I loved it so much I went back and bought 5 more! CVS is having a buy one, get one 50% off, so if you want to try one, now is the time. It has such a silky smooth feeling to them and not at all cakey. At $7.99 a stick, it’s also very affordable. 

Pictures of the lip butters: 

(left to right: Sugar Frosting, Strawberry Shortcake, Cotton Candy, Pink Truffle, Tutti Frutti, and Candy Apple)

(left to right: Candy Apple, Tutti Frutti, Pink Truffle, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake and Sugar Frosting)

Pictures of me wearing the lip butters (my lips were kind of chapped…it IS winter):

Candy Apple (had to do a kissy face for this sassy red). Perfect for New Years Eve!

Cotton Candy - fun and girly!

Pink Truffle - might be my favorite.

Strawberry Shortcake - too bubble gum pink for my taste.

Sugar Frosting - a nice, muted lip (even though it doesn’t look like it in the tube).

Tutti Frutti - orange lipstick is fun to play around with!

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